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Who We Are

The Rebus team is made up of award winning and highly skilled hand engravers, goldsmiths and support staff. Each one of us subscribes to the company ethos of a heartfelt commitment to beautiful engraving, created using traditional hand engraving tools. We are lucky to have twelve craftsmen and women working with us and the longest serving have been with us since 1975.

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The Craft

Each generation of engravers began work as teenagers, serving five year apprenticeships indentured through the Goldsmiths’ Company. Over the years, each of them has slowly honed their skills, developing their own styles while learning from each other. You’ll find them sitting at our benches with magnifying visors and eye glasses firmly in place, working for hours, even days, on pieces of metal that slowly transform into beautiful objects full of symbolism and meaning.

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We specialise in creating signet rings. Not the thin, transient, mass produced variety, but unique, bespoke, lovingly crafted ones that are designed and created exclusively for you. Our most popular precious metal signet rings are die-stamped, handmade and hand engraved, all at our in-house workshop in Hatton Garden, London’s famed jewellery quarter.

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The Rebus craftsmen are focused on meeting the broad spectrum of our customers’ engraving needs with professionalism, imagination and a love of the craft. We take care to nurture a creative, stimulating environment, taking pride in the work we do and the pleasure it brings our customers. Rebus has a great heritage of over 40 years of precious metal engraving and our commitment to the high standards we’ve set will continue.

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