Die Tools

Dies are a series of hardened steel tools that are used to punch a blank piece of sheet metal to form and cut it; just as you image a coin to be produced. The dies are specialized tools, engineered and precise so that each punch produces optimal quality and a beautiful compact, strong signet ring.

Die Stamping Process

Die-stamped signet rings begin with a sheet of highly compressed precious metal. This is carefully fed into a hydraulic press that houses our specially shaped steel dies which strike the thick, precious metal sheet with 70 tons PSI of pressure to blank out a flat signet ring shape. This process compresses the metal even further, giving the rings density and longevity they require to last a lifetime.

Forming & Clipping

Once the rings have been blanked out from the precious metal sheet, they require forming to put the shape into the signet ring and finally put into a clipping tool to trim the excess gold. Each process requires different die tools and between each stage the signet ring requires annealing in a furnace at 800 degrees to soften the metal, in preparation for the next stage.

Finishing Touches

The flat profile is then forged by our skilled goldsmith into a beautifully proportioned crisp blank signet ring to the finger size requested. The moment you hold one of our signet rings, you’ll know you’re holding something very special. You’ll understand and appreciate the time spent and the rare skill required in its creation. The difference between our individually handmade pieces and other, more mass-produced pieces will be immediately apparent. There’s nothing like the real thing, as they say, and each unique object that we create is hallmarked at the London Assay office.

We made the decision to invest in one of-a-kind precision tooling to re-create our core range of signet rings and pendants with the aim to perfect our best-selling items of jewellery via subtle design modifications. Add to this that Rebus now uses ‘Single Mined Origin Gold’ for our die stamped jewellery; we believe that our signet rings are the finest on the market today and for that, we are very proud.