The Ultimate Gift

A Rebus Gift Box is an invitation to begin a journey with us to create a uniquely special piece.

Crafted piece imbued with personal meaning

A Rebus signet ring is as modern as it is steeped in tradition, making it the ultimate in the art of gifting. A precious box filled with endless possibilities for a landmark occasion never forgotten, the Rebus gift offers a range of options in various price ranges. They will receive a token as unique as they are, with everything they need to begin the journey with us to create their uniquely special piece.

The Rebus gift box contains

Bespoke Design

Through our vintage library, they can draw on a rich history of engraving imagery. Traditional ideas can then be combined with their own references. We grow the design together through the sketching process, bringing their unique engraving design to life.

Artisan Crafted

Each Rebus ring is an artisan crafted piece imbued with personal meaning. The Rebus name is founded on the calibre of our craftsmanship. Just as the design sketches will be hand drawn, the metal will be meticulously engraved by the hands of our artisan engravers. We use traditional skills and tools no different to those used for hundreds of years, even creating bespoke tools for unique pieces where necessary. Quality and detail are central to the joy and pride we take in our work and take precedence at every stage.

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