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Shield Pavise Signet Ring


In antiquity our ancestors wore jewellery carved with symbolic designs to ward off illness or evil spirits. The Rebus® range of shield shaped signet rings provide a bold canvas for your own personal protective design. This shield shape is named Pavise, inspired from the medieval shapes of combat armour, designed, and used to protect and identify. Available in all precious metals, create your own symbolic piece of jewellery.

Deep seal engraving

Traditional deep seal engraving is the most popular method of engraving signet rings. We create your design by carving deeply into the metal, hand engraving the design in reverse.   read more

Surface cut engraving

As with seal engraving, surface engraving is produced by hand, using handheld gravers. In fact, it's the same technique used by traditional bank note engravers.   read more

Engraving message inside the band

You can have a message or motto of up to approx 25 characters hand engraved inside the band for just $65.  read more

Please Note: Engrave text sits inside shank

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