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Shield Engrailed Signet Ring


Please Note: Engrave text sits inside shank


Symbols of Protection

The Engrailed Shield Signet Ring

The Rebus range of Shield Signet Rings are big and bold pieces inspired from the ancient shapes of combat shields, used to protect but also to identify. As often used within heraldic artwork. This Engrailed shaped signet ring is available in all precious metals and a perfect foil for your own personal design. Visible symbols of invisible realities.


The Heraldic Crest

The crest sits on top of the coat of arms often above the symbol of a helmet. This reflects its medieval origins as a means of identification during combat when an emblem would be attached to the top, or crest, of the knight’s helmet.

Crests are usually shown on top of a twisted band of cloth (a wreath or torse), coronet or cap (called a chapeau) reflecting their historic origin. Sometimes a family's crest is a play on the surname or an emblem of your ancestor’s occupation or trade. Why not explore our database of crests on our Personalise page?

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