We Are Rebus

We design and create premium, hand engraved signet rings. It is our belief that jewellery should have meaning.

Before we start to make anything, we listen. Together, we’ll take the time to explore your story. It’s the only way to create a true symbol of the self. A piece that’s yours and yours alone. Then, through the art of hand engraving, we breathe life into the metal to craft something precious, far beyond its fabric. A personal talisman that will grow to have a power and personality of its own. Always there to remind you of all you are and all you love.

Rebus was originally born of R.H Wilkins, a renowned hand engraving company founded back in 1971 by Raymond Wilkins.

Raymond was an extraordinary man, winning his first Goldsmiths Hall Craft Council Prize in 1958 and dedicating his life to his craft. His reputation attracted the best hand engraving talent in the country.

All of his apprentices were indentured through Goldsmiths Company, ambassadors to the gold and silver trade for over 700 years. One of those apprentices was Emmet Smith who, in 2002, took over R.H. Wilkins from his friend and mentor.

In 2005 Emmet established Rebus with an ambition to celebrate the art of hand engraving through the creation of meaningful, everyday pieces of jewellery that can be worn anytime and for any occasion. Since then the company has grown to be the industry leader in bespoke, hand engraved signet rings whilst at the same time remaining committed to the nurturing of future generations of hand engravers and jewellers.

Rebus prides itself on the calibre of talent it develops, so when we say hand engraving, that’s precisely what we mean - just the steady, skilled hand of an expert that’s spent years learning and developing their craft.

“With a hand engraved message or symbol, an object can be transformed from the ordinary into the extraordinary, giving it a life and meaning of its own. And, in time the item will acquire its own personality. It will become a talisman – unique and treasured.”

Emmet Smith, Founder of Rebus.