Engraved Origin Pendant


Spotlight on SMO Gold

Solid Gold Statement Pendant

A large statement pendant with a buttery satin surface and a contrasting polished finish around the raised edge. Created from Single Mined Origin (SMO) Gold, this solid gold statement pendant is part of a small capsule collection which celebrates the socially and environmentally responsible ethos of the gold it is created from.

Each piece has been hand engraved with powerful and unifying words that evoke the power and respect of the SMO gold initiative.

Historic meets Modern

Design Inspiration

Currently sourcing gold from the Hummingbird-owned Yanfolila mine in Mali, West Africa, Rebus has designed a limited range of hero SMO gold pieces - unisex statement rings and pendants - bringing together a wealth of cultural and historical inspirations from Ancient Greek and Roman jewellery through to the graffiti art of Jean Michel Basquiat.



Inspired by you, created by us