"When I started looking at wedding rings, I couldn't imagine myself wearing a normal band".

Like his grandfather before him, James opted for a signet ring instead of a traditional wedding band.  A signet ring allowed him to connect his past with his present, and craft a legacy that he could pass down to his son.

With no familial coat of arms, he embarked on a journey with Rebus to design a bespoke signet ring, choosing instead to detail the story of his courtship and marriage to his wife.

The couple, who live and were married in Poole, chose a boat sailing on waves - drawn to resemble the lifeboats of Poole harbour - as a reminder of home and to symbolise their love for the sea. Continuing the nautical theme, their initials J and G were crafted into an anchor.  Three stars in the sky, representing husband, wife, and son, sit in the sky above a cherry tree - an ode to their wedding which took place in spring.

For James, his signet ring symbolises "love, family, and a commitment".

His wife had a pendant designed in the same motif, and the family plan to have a signet ring made for her as well as their son (a little way off for their one-year old)!