“Signet rings traditionally signify what family you come from or what house you hail from, and I wanted a symbol to represent my family.”

As the only daughter among brothers, Faith wanted to find a way to honour her maiden name as she embarked upon her married life with a new surname.

This signet ring—a wedding present from her husband—became a beautiful gesture, a means of keeping her family heritage and name alive as she begins her next chapter.

“This signet ring is a way of keeping [my name] with me always.  I first wore it the morning of our wedding and it is an everyday piece for me”.

With Rebus, Faith designed a ring that would incorporate initials and symbols that represented her family.  Using the double initials of her maiden name, the ring depicts a V within a V surrounded by lush greenery that symbolise success and victory; a ring imbued with meaning: “pride, belonging”, and like her name, “faithfulness”.

Photography by Jenni O Photography