Big occasions require big gestures, and for Gail and her partner Sophie - both approaching significant birthdays - a matching pair of Rebus signet rings stood out as the ultimate in the art of gifting.

Embarking on a consultation process with the Rebus in-house team, the couple were given guidance (and a little coaxing!) to create a gift they hoped would symbolise, "timelessness, intrigue, and quality".

Working together with Rebus, they designed a ring that featured their beloved first dog Mabel standing over a bed of flowers - representing where they both come from - and their combined initials.

But inside the ring lies something so intimately meaningful and unique to the couple that we aren't at liberty to share: a secret message engraved into the back of the bezel.

"We can't tell you what it says but if there's an apocalypse, Soph and I will know where to meet!"

Gifting didn't just begin and end with the presentation of rings either. For Gail and Sophie, "the whole process was thrilling."

From consultation and seeing the rings being engraved, through to finally unboxing their beautiful gift, "the anticipation of receiving the rings added to the pleasure and made buying [them] an event rather than just a purchase".

It appears the secret is out.